Sparkling Presse

The fresh, clear taste of hand-picked elderflowers blended with our pure, sparkling spring water. Serve simply over ice or as an alternative to tonic when enjoying the occasional – and remedial – botanical gin...!
Available in 750ml & 275ml

These classic flavours from South East Asia are brought together with sparkling spring water. The result is a light, crisp and subtly exotic drink, perfect for those hot summer days. (And when the sun is past the yard arm, it makes a great mixer with bourbon or whiskey.)

Available in 750ml & 275ml
Hand-picked elderflowers are combined with fruity pomegranate for a refreshingly exotic fusion of east meets west. We know a lot of you enjoy drinking this instead of Rosé, but if you do fancy something a little stronger, we recommend you try this with a splash of vodka.

Available in 750ml & 275ml

The crisp, fresh, slightly tart flavour of this classic green apple always reminds us of a traditional West Country cider. This sparkling pressé is alcohol-free, of course, but if you do fancy something a little more robust, try mixing it with a good brandy (trust us, it works!).

Available in 750ml & 275ml

Hand-picked elderflowers, infused green tea and lightly sparkling water come together to create the perfectly subtle summer drink. Refreshing and crisp, green tea & elderflower is the light and relaxing taste that goes perfectly with alfresco dining. And like all our drinks, it contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Available in 750ml & 275ml


Juicy Williams pears and delicately floral elderflowers are blended with our lightly sparkling spring water. Lusciously clean on the palate, this pressé works beautifully with any good white wine to create a deliciously different spritzer.

Available in 750ml

Tart lemons are blended with distinct aromatic lime leaf and lightly sparkling water. Fresh, zingy and crisp on the palete this sitrus pressé cleanses the tastebuds and adds life to any good vodka.

Available in 750ml & 275ml


Ginger & Lemongrass

Pomegranate & Elderflower

Cox's Apple

Green Tea & Elderflower

Pear & Elderflower

Lemon & Lime Leaf