Cake Mixes

Cake mixes from Rank Hovis

By combining the market knowledge and commercial expertise of Rank Hovis with the dedication and experience of Fleming Howden, we have been able to create a range of perfect mixes.

These cake mixes have been expertly developed and refined to ensure they are superior and consistent, yet versatile and perfect for your every need.


We have The Premier Range which is made up of six core mixes that have been extensively benchmarked against competitor products to provide the perfect mix and produce a range of high quality, versatile and great tasting products.
Below are the 6 from this superb range:

Créme Cake Mix

You name it; you can make it from this luxuriously smooth mix. Slices, muffins, Gateau bases and even biscuits! As if that wasn't enough, this mix will even hold fruit to give you hundreds more recipes to create. The resultant cakes have a traditional moist crumb, good volume with a subtle vanilla flavour allowing it to hold high levels of inclusions. Making this an extremely versatile and great tasting mix

Premier Genoese Mix

We have modernised our Premier Genoese Mix, which now requires the addition of water and oil, yet still producing the same, high quality confectionery. This excellent cake mix can produce consistently high-quality slabs, units, cup cakes and gateaux bases.

Premier Doughnut Mix

Our Premier Doughnut Mix has been specially developed for use with doughnut depositors to produce a premium doughnut with consistent size and shape, tie and time again. The flavoursome fried doughnuts have a rich golden crust, light airy texture and minimal fat absorption with extended keeping qualities.

American Doughnut Mix & Concentrate

Our American Doughnut Mix/Concentrate has been reformulated to produce doughnuts which have improved volume with little fallback, minimal fat uptake, consistent process tolerance and a melt in the mouth texture. With this Mix you’re guaranteed irresistible doughnuts, buns and Danish pastries every time.

Premier Sponge Mix

Our new improved Premier Sponge Mix only requires the addition of water to produce perfect, fatless sponges with superior volume, light even texture, yet are still easy to handle. The baked sponges, Swiss rolls and drops will literally melt in your mouth.

Premier Scone Mix & Concentrate

Our new recipe Premier Scone Mix has been produced with a blend of quality flours to give a scone with outstanding eating qualities yet has a consistent process tolerance. We have used a combination of baking powders to eliminate and acid after-taste whilst maintaining excellent volume.


Other mixes available……


Chocolate Crème Cake Mix

This mix demonstrates great versatility by producing everything from muffins to biscuits, slab cakes to gateaux. Whatever you decide to create, you're guaranteed an intense chocolate flavour, velvety smooth texture, and a rich, dark colour to tantalize any taste bud.

Chocolate Sponge Mix

Our customers rate our chocolate sponge mix as 'best on the market', and you're sure to agree once you've tried it. The secret lies in the blend of special cocoa powders, which delivers unbelievable flavour, consistency and volume.

Carrot Cake Mix

Once you've tried it, you'll never look back. This is an extremely flavoursome, moist, traditional Carrot Cake Mix which is ideal for slabs, unit cakes, muffins and cup cakes. The addition of freshly grated carrot adds to the unique flavour, and allows flexibility for your own creative flair!

Complete Ginger Cake Mix

Our ginger cake mix provides truly amazing results every time. Just add water to produce moist, sticky ginger cakes bursting with flavour. A bakers tip - add cake crumbs to increase yield!

Madeira Cake mix

Our classic Madeira Cake Mix is so simple! All you need to do is add water and you can produce exceptionally tasty Madeira cakes with perfect consistency and an excellent shelf life. It really is that simple!

Fruit Cake Base Mix

Our Fruit Cake mix has been specifically formulated for cherry and sultana cakes. You can also produce excellent celebration cakes with the addition of caramel colour and mixed spice. It'll make the fruitiest fruit cakes ever!

Complete Choux Mix

Struggling to get uniform shape from your Choux Mix? Then here is your solution. Simply by adding water you can produce traditional choux buns, éclairs and profiteroles with consistent shape, good volume and delectable flavour.