White Breadmaking Flour

As the UK's leading flour miller, Rank Hovis has more than 100 years' experience in the baking industry. With unrivalled expertise and an in-depth understanding of bakers both large or small, we've been able to develop a unique range of flours that appeals to all.

Our range of white breadmaking flours is suitable for all processes and product types.


A Strong Bakers Patent flour. Very good colour and excellent protein quality make the flour suitable for bread, morning goods and all oven-bottom products, especially where crumb colour is of importance.

Bakers Pride

A straight run Bakers flour designed to meet the requirements of the craft baker. Bakers Pride is suitable for the production of bread, fermented goods of all kinds, puff pastry, pork pies and traditional fruit cakes.

As You Like It

A Patent Bakers flour with very good colour and protein quality. As You Like It is ideal for the production of bread and morning goods, where colour is of importance. It's also suitable for puff and filo pastry production.

Silver Queen

A straight run Bakers flour, Silver Queen is particularly suited to the production of bread using the Chorleywood bread-making process. It can also be used for other processes such as fermentation, and can be used to produce traditional puff cakes and pastry.


Soft White Flour

The Rank Hovis range of soft white flours is suitable for all short pastry and general catering applications.

Below you will find more details on each of our soft white flours, and the products they can help to create.

White Label

An untreated soft white flour, produced from selected low-protein wheats. Due to its low protein and good colour, White Label's major use is in the production of savoury and sweet short paste. It can also be used for a number of other general catering applications.

Perfection SR

A general purpose low-protein, self-raising flour containing acid calcium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate, ideal for many catering products.

Golden Sunrise

Speciality short paste flour suitable for both savoury and sweet products. Containing a significant proportion of maize flour, Golden Sunrise can reduce the level of fat required in the paste recipe. The maize also helps to give a golden colour to the finished product, as well as a very short eating characteristic.


Brown and Wholemeal Flour

Rank Hovis, the UK's leading flour miller, has a wide range of wholemeal, brown and malted brown breadmaking flours suitable for all processes and product types.

Gold Crest SP

A roller-milled, 100% wholemeal flour, produced from a blend of specially selected high-protein breadmaking wheats.

It is additive free (by law) and can be used to produce a wide range of products such as bread, morning goods and even confectionery. The bran particle size is controlled to ensure product consistency and to enable the production of top-quality food.


A 100% stone-ground wholemeal flour, Millwright is additive free by law.

The traditional process of stone grinding results in larger bran particles than would normally be found in roller-milled flour, giving the baked product a traditional, coarser texture.

Millwright is suitable for use in a range of products, from bread to morning goods and confectionery.

Canada Best

A brown flour, roller-milled from a blend of selected high-protein breadmaking wheats.

The milling process is carefully controlled to prevent the bran particles from becoming too small, which could adversely affect product volume. Canada Best flour produces baked products that feature bran flakes clearly visible against a pale brown background.

The high-protein quality and quantity enables high-volume bread and morning goods to be produced, while Canada Best is also suited to making confectionery.

Top Cobber

Top Cobber is a malted brown flour, produced by adding cut malted wheat and non-diastatic malt flour to a high-protein brown base flour.

Suitable for use in all breadmaking processes and product types, the flour helps to give goods a moist crumb and distinctive malted flavour.

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Cake Flours

The Universal cake flour range from Rank Hovis consists of three exceptionally versatile flour grades for bakers who want to produce a wide variety of great-tasting products.

Expertly designed and produced, each grade ensures consistent quality performance across your product range. What's more, the flours provide you and your business with a simple solution to all your cake requirements.

Extensive in-house technical trials on cake flours have shown that Rank Hovis's Top Flight and Jupiter are the most versatile on the market. Not only are they uniquely adaptable and simple to use, they consistently perform to give you a wide range of cake products from just one bag.

Discover more about our range of universal cake flours below:

Top Flight

Milled to make your baking easier, Top Flight is the versatile cake flour for the craft sector. It's designed to handle easily and mix well, giving you excellent crumb colour and very fine texture.

More importantly, Top Flight can be used across common cake recipes, giving you the simplicity and consistency you require.


The versatile cake flour for high-volume manufacture, Jupiter is a robust cake flour that excels in high-ratio recipes.

When baking high volumes, using Jupiter in your recipe helps guarantee fine texture and excellent crumb colour across your product range.


The perfect flour for all types of fruit cake, Hi Frute's unique strength is its versatility.

The flour performs equally well in both heavy and lightly fruited craft cakes, and whether you are producing on a high or low volume manufacturing schedule, Hi Frute meets all your requirements.

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Steam Treated Flours

Rank Hovis has a well-established range of technologically advanced, functional steam-treated flours. These flours have been designed specifically for use as ingredients in the food manufacturing industry.

Steam-treated flours are produced from selected wheat varieties. The steam treatment process imparts specific functional characteristics which are not available from untreated flours, giving the following range of functional benefits:

Rank Hovis has steam-treated flours suitable for thickening and binding. These flours are designed to be used as general purpose thickeners in soups, sauces and pie fillings, and as binders or fillers in processed fish and meat products.

All of these flours provide a viscous gel on cooking, which is stable when cooled to ambient temperature.


Planet is manufactured for use in applications where easy mixing to a smooth, mobile slurry is required. Its inherent low cold-paste viscosity is appropriate for use in certain canning processes. Planet is widely used in sauces and in various applications as a binding agent.


Regent is a popular, general-purpose thickener and binder widely used in the food processing industry. Regent has the ability to absorb a large quantity of water at ambient temperatures, which is retained on cooking.


Viceroy is designed and manufactured by a unique multi-stage process, and is particularly suitable for thickening premium white sauces and cream soups - where whiteness and 'smooth mouth feel' are vital characteristics.

Viceroy differs from all other steam-treated flours by providing a guaranteed low cold-paste viscosity. This property, combined with its other features, makes it ideal for use in canning processes where consistent mobility of the cold sauce or soup is required.

Coating Flours

These flours are designed to make batters for meat, fish and vegetables, providing a consistent viscosity and a strong adhesive base for breadcrumbs or other coating ingredients.


A lightly steam-treated flour, ideal for the manufacture of batters and wafers. Consort is ideal when a crisp product texture is required.


French Bread Flours

Rank Hovis may be the leading flour miller in the UK, but our baking knowledge also extends to French bread.

Our range of French bread flours is suitable for all French-style products, from crusty rolls to traditional baguettes.

Golden Belle

An untreated flour produced from a grist containing French wheats, milled to a typical French flour specification. It is ideal for the production of baguettes, petit pain and more, and is particularly suited to a traditional French baking process involving the long slow proof of a cool dough.

Cloche d'Or

A low-extraction flour, milled from a specially selected blend of French wheats. Cloche d'Or is specially formulated for those craft bakers looking to produce supreme quality French-style products.

Premier Baguette Mix

Ideal for bakers seeking the ultimate in consistency. Premier Baguette Mix is formulated from a premium base flour, to which salt and a proprietary dough conditioner have been added.