Beef & Tomato

This flavour caused some controversy when first introduced. Mixing meat and veg flavours was unheard of before this time, but we threw in a sachet of tomato sauce and it was welcomed with open mouths. In fact, Beef & Tomato King Pot had to be brought back due to popular demand and some rather threatening letters Also available as King Pot and Mini Pot.

Sweet & Sour

This Pot Noodle snack is sweet like kittens, but sour like an ex. Sweet like a cupcake, and sour like a lemon. Sweet like a daisy chain, sour like a grapefruit hat necklace. Sweet like my gran, yet sour like my Auntie Phyllis.

Sweet & Spicy

This is an explosion on the taste buds. In fact, the first prototype of Sweet & Spicy had to be withdrawn because the mix of sweet, spicy, and mango chutney flavours actually created a sonic boom in one tester's gums.

Chicken & Mushroom

Chicken and mushroom can be traced all the way back to ancient Rome. The Romans celebrated 'Orgia Pullus et Funghi' or 'Festival of Chicken and Mushroom', which could last for weeks, depending on how many chickens were available. Celebrate with a sachet of soy sauce. Also available as King Pot and Mini Pot.


Tikka Masala

Like Pot Noodle snack themselves, the Tikka Masala dish was born and bred in the UK. To get the full experience of this authentic Tikka Masala flavour, we suggest you eat it with a sachet of mango chutney and a plate of chips.

Original Curry

Original Curry is now considered a retro flavour amongst noodle followers, and you'll often see a sachet of sweet mango chutney poking out of the pocket of a pair of skinny jeans. Its favourite tunes include 'Don't You Want Me' by Human League, and anything by Bananarama

Chinese Chow Mein

Literally translated, 'Chow Mein' means 'Hungry Man'. Legend has it that if you repeat the words 'Chow Mein' four times while looking in the sachet of soy sauce, Mr Miyagi will appear.


Wot Not In A Pot?

Our chimps that work in the lab are done with typewriters, and now bring you ready-to-eat noodles in futuristic foil packaging. Put on some overalls and don a fish bowl as you cook a noodley feast from the future!

Doner Kebab Flavour Pot

The origin of the doner kebab is greased in mystery. After stewing in the sun for too long, Timur Aziz grabbed some meat, stuck it on a stick and spun it. Eureka! He’d invented the first disco ball, or doner kebab to you. Three hundred years later and it’s been given the noodle treatment!

Bombay Bad Boy

This Pot Noodle snack is in no way implying that boys from Bombay are bad, or that anyone from Bombay is, in fact, bad. The hot-fire chilli sauce does kick some serious butt, though. Also available as King Pot.