Hovis Wheatgerm®

Hovis has, over time, established itself as Britain's most-loved bread brand. It's been the number one name in brown bread for more than 100 years.

The secret of Hovis's success is that it’s synonymous with quality and goodness. These characteristics continue to be reflected in Hovis flour - available exclusively from Rank Hovis.

An historic brand

The Hovis Wheatgerm® brand is steeped in history and tradition.

Its creator, Richard 'Stoney' Smith, believed that wheatgerm offered significant health benefits. He devised a wheatgerm flour which he registered as 'Smith's Patent Germ Flour' in 1886. However, in 1890 the now-famous Hovis name was created from an abbreviation of the Latin phrase 'Hominis Vis' - 'the strength of Man'.

Household name

Throughout the 20th century, Hovis has grown from strength to strength. With inventive advertising and support, the brand has become a beloved household name.

Top quality

The time-honoured Hovis Wheatgerm® recipe uses only the finest-quality ingredients, ensuring Hovis remains a family favourite.

Brand support

Rank Hovis is committed to on-going investment in the Hovis brand. As well as significant advertising support, customers can benefit from promotions and in-store merchandising.

All in-store merchandise features the well-known Hovis logo, ensuring high brand awareness and the clarification that this brown bread is baked exclusively by Hovis Bakers.



Granary® is more than a household name. It's the UK's number one brand of malted brown bread and a registered trademark, meaning quality assured for you and your customers.

Granary® is made from Granary® flour supplied exclusively by Rank Hovis. It has the distinct, original taste of malted wheatgrains and is a huge family favourite across Britain.

Indeed, as a result of our investment, consumer awareness and demand for Granary® remains high.

The Granary® brand has been available for around 60 years, although the traditional process used to produce the malted wheat flakes dates back several hundred years. The process, which helps give Granary® its unmistakable flavour, is believed to have been discovered by the Benedictine Monks of Burton Abbey.

Brand support

The Granary® brand's domination of the malted brown bread market has not come about by accident. Rank Hovis invests heavily in supporting the Granary® brand through advertising, packaging, promotional activity and high-quality point-of-sale display materials.

Seal of approval

Rank Hovis is committed to maintaining high levels of awareness and demand for Granary®. To enhance and support the brand leader, the Granary® logo features on all packaging, labels and point-of-sale material.

This logo acts as a 'seal of approval', reassuring your customers that they are buying the original and authentic Granary® malted brown bread, produced exclusively by craft bakers.


Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Hovis Multiseed

Packed with seeds and the goodness of wheatgerm.

Hovis Multiseed is our newest grade of flour and is unique to the market. This new product is bursting with flavour from its special blend of premium seeds and wheatgerm.

Hovis Multiseed products have a distinctive taste and texture with excellent visual appeal.

Market insight

At Rank Hovis, we recognise the importance of offering quality products that meet the needs and tastes of today’s discerning consumer. With this in mind our innovation and technical team, teamed with our years of milling experience created a unique grade of flour. It is well suited for healthy, top quality, seeded products. The flour has a blend of five seeds;

Sourced from around the world by the Rank Hovis innovation team at Holgran and added cooked wheatgerm.

Our research showed unlike many other seeded breads this product has wide appeal for all the family. It is versatile and various great-tasting breads can be baked from it, from tinned and oven-bottom loaves to soft and crusty rolls. It is also a fantastic sandwich carrier and enhances the taste and flavours of sandwich fillings.

Brand support

With this product comes the opportunity to take advantage of promotional point-of-sale material that is designed to maximise sales opportunities. The instantly recognisable logo assures customers and consumers that the product they are buying is authentic and high quality. Hovis Multiseed can also be baked in the iconic Hovis bread tins. If you want to offer your customers a unique product and eating experience try Hovis Multiseed.


Nutritional Information

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