Give yourself a kick with Encona sauces!

Encona Sauces is the UK’s Number 1 best selling range of authentic, versatile, hot and spicy sauces from the Caribbean and beyond. Whether you use them in a special recipe or simply add a dash, or a generous dollop if you prefer, to your everyday food, the effect is much the same – each sauce in our mouthwatering selection is your taste buds’ ticket to a culinary carnival.

About the Brand
Encona Sauces’ hallmark natural warmth and rich flavours come from the strong sunshine you find in the places where we grow our spices. Our expert sauce makers take these spices and use their unrivalled skills to blend them to perfection, adding a generous helping of Caribbean sunshine to every variety of sauce we produce.

Available from most supermarkets and convenience stores, Encona Sauces have been firm favourites with the UK’s Afro Caribbean population for generations. These days demand is growing from a new and appreciative audience, the increasing numbers of food lovers of all kinds who take their food flavour seriously.

Brand Story
The world in a bottle - The cosmopolitan roots of Caribbean cuisine reflect these beautiful, sun soaked islands’ dramatic history as the world’s crossroads where Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia met. As people arrived in the UK from the four corners of the globe, they brought with them the recipes and, most important, the ingredients they loved from home. The different traditions mingled together and evolved into the delicious, spicy mixture of tastes we know and love as Caribbean cooking.

If you have a mind to do so, you can pick out the extraordinary mix of influences and ingredients that go into Caribbean cookery, and which we are proud to present for you to enjoy in the convenient form of the Encona Sauces range.

Set your own temperature - Hot or cool, from a tangy, tropical, peppery zing to fragrant but mild richness with a touch of chilli, Encona Sauces have an authentic flavour to bring some tropical sunshine to your meals - at a heat to suit you. Have a look at our product pages to find your favourite Caribbean sauce for more details.

Trust us to deliver - Caribbean sauces from smaller, less experienced suppliers can vary widely in quality. At Encona we have been making our sauces to the same high standards for many decades, so you and your family can be sure every bottle you buy will taste as great as the one before.


West Indian Original Hot Pepper Sauce

Exactly what it says on the label - the original and best hot pepper sauce from the Caribbean, made using only the very best scotch bonnet and habanero peppers, blended with traditional island spices.

A family favourite for over four decades, it is delicious as a cooking ingredient, or as a condiment with chicken, meat, fish and vegetables.

     Available in 142ml, 220ml, 285ml



Thai Sweet Chilli Dip

Encona Thai Sweet Chilli Dip is a Thai-inspired sauce with a Caribbean twist, which we prepare to our own special recipe combining a mild blend of chillies and garlic with sugar and limejuice to provide a delicious, gently spiced, sweet flavour.

Traditionally served as a dip with spring rolls, seafood and fired chicken, it is equally delicious in stir-fries or sandwiches.

      Available in 142ml, 220ml, 285ml


Sweet Mango Chilli Dip

We prepare our Sweet Mango Chilli Dip from fresh mango and habanero peppers, blended to give a deliciously fragrant and mild chilli flavour. A perfect dip for seafood and cold meats, it is equally great as a marinade for grilled foods, in sandwiches or kept on standby to transform salads

     Available in 142ml and 220ml bottles

creole hot pepper sauce  

Creole Hot Pepper Sauce

We make Encona Creole Hot Pepper sauce to an authentic Bajan recipe that comes from the island of Barbados. It features a blend of scotch bonnet peppers, spices and mustard seeds, which gives this sauce its distinctive colour and flavour. You can use it as a cooking ingredient for a host of Creole-inspired dishes: like our other sauces, it is also delicious in sandwiches and as a table condiment to spice up everyday meals.

     Available in 142ml bottles

 Jamaican jerk sauce  

Jamaican Jerk Sauce

Encona Jamaican jerk sauce captures all the delicious flavours of Jamaica’s traditional Jerk recipe in a convenient table sauce.

This distinctively aromatic combination of spices and chillies is delicious with meat, fish and vegetables and ideal as a baste or a marinade to add a spicy and tenderised flavour to all your favourite grilled and barbequed foods.

Available in 142ml bottles

 hot cajun sauce

Cajun Hot Pepper Sauce

With both North America and South America just a short sea voyage from the islands, inevitably the Americas have had, and continue to have, a massive influence on Caribbean life and cooking.

Encona cajun hot pepper sauce uses a unique blend of Cayenne peppers and spices to create a delicious spicy flavour perfect for Chicken dishes.

Available in 142ml bottles

 smooth papaya hot pepper  

Smooth Papaya Hot Pepper Sauce

We bring together ‘fruity’ and ‘peppery’, the two main elements of Caribbean cuisine, in this hot yet wonderfully smooth sauce.

Encona Smooth Papaya Hot Pepper sauce combines fruity papaya with the very best scotch bonnet & habanero peppers and island spices to give a smooth, fiery hot taste. It is delicious with chicken, fish and vegetables, or as a cooking ingredient to add a touch of tropical spice to a wealth of dishes.

Available in 142ml