Season & Shake

You'll never want to cook the old way again. So easy and mess free, Season & Shake combines delicious seasoning with a convenient baking bag to seal in the flavours of herbs and spices - as well as all the juices from your fish or meat. Its the sure fire way to succulent success. and with no added MSG , artificial colours or preservatives , it just gets better. Did we mention no washing up?


Sticky Spair Ribs

A sweet BBQ seasoning, to help you create tasty sticky spare ribs as a treat for the whole family.


Garlic & Herb Roast Chicken.

Ā A garlic and herb seasoning to help you create succulent roast chicken packed with flavour.


Lemon & Dill Salmon

A lemon and dill seasoning to help you create a dish that will impress family and friends.


Sausage & Herb Casserole

A seasoning mix which blends tomatoes, onions and herbs, quickly transforming simple ingredients into a hearty dish.


Mediterranean Chicken

A Mediterranean seasoning to help you create a delicious tomato and herb flavour meal.


Paprika Chicken

A paprika seasoning to help you create tender and succulent chicken with a delicious mild paprika flavour.


Rustic Chicken

A rustic seasoning to help you create a delicious smoky BBQ and herb flavour meal.