7 UP

In 1929, a US competition to find the tastiest lemon and lime drink was won by CL Grigg. Although his product - 'Bib-label Lithiated Lemon Lime Soda' was delicious, the name stuck in people's throats and so it was renamed 7UP -after the seven main ingredients in the drink.

• Fastest growing lemon and lime in the UK, growing at 3x the rate of Sprite (Source: Nielsen total market; 7UP value growth 19% vs. Sprite 5% MAT to 16.10.10 vs. YA)
• The nation’s favourite lemon and lime in the UK and Ireland - drunk by more households than Sprite (Source: Homescan; MAT TY 15.05.10 vs YA)

Refreshing, tasty, bubbly and clear lemon and lime flavoured drink with: • 100% natural flavours • Preservative Free • Colouring Free • Caffeine Free • Sugar Free (7UP Free variant)

The Brand range

The brand ‘s key variants are 7UP Regular & 7UP Free (7UP Cherry 330ml).

Brand Values

7UP is the permissible everyday treat, inspiring consumers to enjoy the ‘simple pleasures’ of life.
7UP reminds busy consumers of the innocent, carefree times of their childhood; providing light relief from stresses and responsibilities.



Orange Tango was introduced to Britain in 1950 during a squinting epidemic, where the locals found its trademark black receptacle quite soothing to the eye.

The fizzy fruit carbonate was popularized by its innovative marketing campaigns featuring revered Hollywood stars in heavy disguise as exploding grandmothers and overweight orange men. Its line “You know when you’ve been Tango’d” is sometimes attributed to the late playwright Samuel Beckett.
After a shortage of Orange Tango saw rioting at a store in Much Wenlock, Cherry and Apple flavours were released.
They quickly became de rigour among people who liked fizzy drinks tasting of Cherry or Apple.
Of Tango’s flavours you will probably like at least two and a half of them. If you’ve had your taste buds clinically removed and therefore don’t like Tango, you’ll be pleased to know it’s perfect for cleaning your rabbit in the bath. Don’t forget to wash behind its ears.

This year Tango has unleashed a bonkers new nitrogen fuelled limited edition onto the market -Turbo Tango, which delivers a rush of orange foam straight into your gob.

Tango is a fizzy fruit flavoured drink but you knew that already.
When we did blind testing (we blind folded people not blinded them) 3 in 5 people preferred orange Tango to our nearest competitor. What else can we say? Well it has a lot less sugar in it than you would think. Depending on the flavour it has between 10 and 19 calories per 100ml.
It also contains no artificial colours or flavours.
The Brand range includes:
Orange, Apple, Cherry, Orange No added sugar.
Blackcurrant and Lemon are popular flavours of the past that there are always calls to bring back. We’re thinking about it.

Brand values
Never being worried about upsetting the orange cart and certainly never being boring.



Pepsi is a carbonated cola drink offering great taste and revitalizing refreshment. The Pepsi brand name and the Pepsi globe are instantly recognizable by millions around the world for embodying the spirit of fun-loving youth.

Pepsi was invented in the USA back in 1898, by a pharmacist called Caleb D Bradham who wanted to offer a refreshing beverage to customers coming into his shop. Five years later ‘Brad’s drink’ as it was originally known, was trademarked as Pepsi Cola. It was first launched in the UK in 1953.

In the 1980’s the Pepsi generation really took off and Pepsi was supported by some of the biggest names in the music and sporting industries.
Today Pepsi appeals to a new generation, and is led by Pepsi Max, Max‘ing experiences with mates, to live life to the Max

Pepsi Max
Pepsi Max was first launched in 1993, it offers the full-on taste of Pepsi, with none of the sugar – so all you get is ‘maximum taste, no sugar.’
The UK, along with Italy, were the first two countries to introduce Pepsi Max.

Pepsi Max has gone through a series of exciting advertising campaigns, from a strong association with adrenaline pumping action sports in the 1990s to being endorsed by Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria. Most recently the brand has been sticking to its core benefit of ‘Maximum Taste No Sugar’.

Diet Pepsi
Diet Pepsi is one of two no sugar options in the range. It offers a light and crisp cola taste, with no sugar.
When it was launched in 1964, it was the USA’s first ever diet soft drink. It was launched in the UK in 1983.

Our Brands
Diet Pepsi was first introduced as Patio Diet Cola in 1963 (Patio was a soda brand introduced by Pepsi in 1960 and was discontinued in the 1970s). After the drink received positive reviews, it was re-introduced as Diet Pepsi in 1964.
Pepsi Max, which offers the full intense cola taste with no sugar.

Lipton Ice Tea

Don’t Knock it Until you've Tried It!

Lipton Ice Tea is pleasureable, invigorating and uplifting. It brightens your outlook and sharpens your mind. In short it brings out the best in you. It provides complete refreshment; both physical and mental and is naturally refreshing; made from tea blended with water and fruits. Lipton Ice Tea. Drink Positive.

Sitting in the fast growing soft drinks category; Cold Hot Drinks category, Lipton Ice Tea is healthier than a fizzy drink, more refreshing than juice and a natural product. It meets a need when consumers are out and about.

Lemon 500ml & 1.5L
Peach 500ml & 1.5L
Mango 500ml
Green Tea Lemon 500ml

Ready To Drink Tea - The Sweet Spot
Hydration - Tastier than water; but similarly quenching and natural
Enjoyment - Healthier than carbonated soft drinks; but similarly tasty, enjoyable and refreshing
Nourishment - More thirst quenching and less sweet than juice, but similarly healthy, cleansing and tasty
(Source - Added value PepsiCo 6Ws study 2008)

Brand values
Bringing positive, enjoyable, healthy refreshment through cold hot drinks