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Fish  Bake to Perfection

A selection of the finest, freshest fish fillets and seafood, perfectly complemented with exciting herb butter. Our revolutionary Bake Perfect Bag guarantees the tastiest fish, perfectly cooked with zero fuss.

Simply Breaded and Battered Fish

We use only the finest fish fillets. We then coat them in a delicious light and crispy batter or golden breadcrumbs to create succulent, Simply irresistible fish.

Simply Fish Fingers &  Kids Favourites

Birds Eye Fish Fingers – the original family favourite! 100% Cod Fillet to Salmon, Haddock and our Omega3 Fish Fingers, great taste and quality for guaranteed empty plates.

Sea Side Specials

Bring the taste of the seaside into your home with these natural fish fillets, a source of Omega 3 and coated in a crispy bubbly batter or crunchy breadcrumbs.

Fish Fillet In Sauce

Juicy chunks of fish fillet, topped with exciting combinations, topped with exciting combinations of herbs and vegetables. Deliciously wholesome fish dishes without any fuss, straight from the your oven.